The Marvel Pavilion
The Marvel Pavilion is the most prestigious venue for celebration of events of sorts for the twin cities’ connoisseurs with taste and style. A magnificent 700 sqm air-conditioned facility, the Pavilion draws its inspiration from Pavillon de’l Horloge (Clock House), a Parisian landmark. The Pavilion has an imposing façade decorated by caryatids of classical models of the 17th century, the rounded wooden doors and windows bearing absolute resemblance to the style of the time.

The interiors of the hall resemble the Rose Room of the Plaza Hotel of New York. The 5 m high lofty ceiling space with gorgeously detailed architecture and intricate molding is supported with subtle lighting from crystal chandeliers. Lush carpeting adds grace to the ornate architecture of the hall with lavish interiors. An elevated 400 sqm paved open area on its side, lined with exotic plants adds to the magnificence of the imposing structure. Abundant landscaping at the entrance of The Marvel Pavilion Hall adds to its aesthetics and enticing ambience.

The venue offers seating for 600-800 guests –a perfect setting for events where the entire space can be used for seating, with the open elevated area for dining. The Pavilion also offers
air-conditioned guest rooms. Perfect for conducting the choicest of events — dream weddings, engagements, conferences, exhibitions, product launches, birthdays etc. Its located at Sikh Village, Secunderabad, 15 minutes drive from Hyderabad.

Our Services

-- Facilities at our venues are backed by the most meticulous and flawless maintenance and service, ensuring that the Gardens are available for the occasion in perfect condition at all times. With the top-of-the-line facilities like floral decoration, personalized and exceptional décor to make the event a cherished affair, special lighting to create mood, drama and illusion, catering of a wide variety of multi-cuisine food with taste that will surely linger for long on the palate, impeccable service and courteous hospitality, etc., for any size of wedding or event, our venues are unquestionably the best venues of the day, meeting world class specifications, and best suited for all types of events -- theme weddings, product launches, musical concerts, social gatherings, receptions, food festivals, seasonal festivals, trade exhibitions, corporate functions, AGMs or film shoots. With over 5000 weddings and special events performed so far at the venues, the Imperial Garden Group has achieved the reputation of being one of the best of high-profile event planners.

A thing of refreshing beauty, the joy of celebrating an event at the Imperial, Jewel, Excellency Gardens and The Marvel Pavilion
will surely linger in memories for long . . . . .